Icíar Martínez de Blas, tax advisor at B Law and Tax, provides with expert advice on the Spanish tax obligations when purchasing a house.

The binding ruling V0066-18 of the Spanish Tax Office analyzes the evidences which determine that a server located in Spain is a “Permanent Establishment” (PE), based on OECD rules.

In this case, a trading company resident in Ireland is planning to install a server in Spain in order to be close to its market. The server will be controlled from Ireland, and there will not be any employees in Spain. 

On October 19th 2017, the Tax Office published the CV 2669-17, which deals the obligation to submit a new informative declaration of assets and rights located abroad  with respect to a previously informed property when the variation in the exchange rate used to determine its acquisition value has led to an increase in the value of the asset of more than EUR 20.000.

El martes 14 de marzo de 2018, la presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid Doña Cristina Cifuentes, anunció una batería de rebajas fiscales que afectarían principalmente al Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas y al Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones.