The Spanish Law establishes a Special Regime for companies with a share capital of at least EUR 5 million, under which the Corporate Tax rate is 0%. This Special Regime is called SOCIMI and it has its own regulation.

This is an optional regime. The option to be subject to the SOCIMI regime must be agreed by the General Shareholders Meeting and must be communicated to the Tax Agency Authorities corresponding to the company's tax domicile, before the last three months prior to the conclusion of the relevant tax period.

Last February 6th and 7th, Inmaculada Pineda, Partner at B Law & Tax, and Icíar Martínez, tax advisor of the firm specialized in Real Estate tax advisory, met with the team of Banque de Luxembourg....

Inmaculada Pineda, Partner at B Law & Tax, and Icíar Martínez, tax advisor at the firm, due to the collaboration agreement signed with Banque de Luxembourg, are in Luxembourg with the team of the Bank specialized in Wealth Management, dealing with the tax advantages of the Spanish Holding Company tax regime (ETVE).

Inmaculada Pineda, Partner, and Icíar Martínez, tax advisor at B Law & Tax, a firm specialized in tax advice to High Net Worth individuals, are at the offices of Banque de Luxembourg with the team specialized in Wealth Management. During these sessions, among other questions, it is being discussed from the Spanish taxation perspective the main tax issues to consider in relation to different investment vehicles of Luxembourg such us SOPARFI, SPF, SICAR, etc.